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Connected Pedogoy Assignment: The Reverse Peephole

I made several annotations on the reading, as listed below. However, I would like to focus on three quotes. For each quote, I have provided a reason for annotation this quote. I aim to help students relate concepts or themes to their lives. Generally, when students relate the content to their experiences, I think they can better grasp and understand the concept.

  • Quote: ” Queen Victoria transformed into King Edward, ‘the fourth dimension’ became an everyday concept.”
  • Annotation: I am not familiar with this concept of ‘the fourth dimension that occurred a century ago. I need to research since I don’t know what transformation happened during this time.
  •  Quote: “The modem’s faithful churn made it seem as if it were tunneling through to somewhere else, opening up a space for us to inhabit.”
  • Annotation: What does “tunneling through to somewhere else” look like in the digital world? Does that tunnel still exist?
  • Quote:  “With the prospect of this fourth digital dimension, a moment can feel strangely flat if it exists solely in itself.”
  • Annotation: If you post an accomplishment on social media, does it feel “more real” than if you didn’t post it? Why?

1) Quote: “but our physical homes have also been digitized. We can identify a common fitting on a 4D house by traveling back in time to the unlikely world of Seinfeld‘s last season”

Annotation: Video Reference Youtube: https://youtu.be/jzAvEkbn3lA

Annotation Reason:

I am not sure what is the age group for this class, however, I am assuming that some might not understand the reference to Seinfeld. Therefore, I provided a short video that I found on YouTube related to this specific scene.

2)Quote: “physical homes have also been digitized.”

Annotation: During the pandemic, when work and school took place online, we were forced to digitally invite our colleagues, boss, classmates, interviews, and people we usually don’t invite to our homes. How did this make you feel? What did you learn more about this experience?

Annotation Reason:

This book was written in 2016, however, four years later, the whole world was forced to changes due to the pandemic. Therefore, these students can understand the impact it had on their lives. This question aims to help them reflect on their own experience, give them a moment to think about their feelings and give them the power to create their narrative, as this was a traumatic experience for many.

3) Quote: “What happens to the nervous system when it is exposed.to the delights and pressures and weird sorrows of networked life? “

Annotation: What happens to the development of children who are born into using mobile devices?

Annotation Reason:

This is a rhetorical question. I don’t have the answers. However, I’d like students to consider the digital world’s implications on children.