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Tech support & more at the GC: the New Media Lab

Hi Class,

I just wanted to ping you all a brief message on the GC New Media Lab (NML). Yesterday afternoon I attended their General Meeting and wanted to share a couple of takeaways. First, it is a fantastic place, Marco Battistella and his team are extremely competent and have a lot to share, plus they are really keen to hear students’ ideas and projects in order to support them through their expertise combined with the vast technology available at the Lab. The latter has web hosting capacity and several packages available for students, including Drupal, Final Cut Pro X, WordPress, Omeka, Abdobe’s Suite, and more.

For this meeting, the focus was on Omeka, an open-source tool enabling creators to build online digital collections and exhibits; so, if you are thinking about a library or archive for your final project, you should definitely check Omeka out. Further points were also discussed such as how the Lab can help students develop their digital projects.

To get access to the Lab resources and know-how, Master’s students are required to have a recommendation letter from the faculty (typically, this would be provided by the Programme’s advisor), after which they can submit their application and schedule their first one-to-one with the Lab staff, who will support them through project planning and project development/implementation.