Short Reflection on Annotation Praxis Project

highlighted A hundred years after its heyday, we’re only now inhabiting space in a way that could be called four-dimensional.

ME How do you understand this sentence? What do you understand from the concept of ‘four-dimensional space”? Can you connect it to anything else that you think of as ‘four-dimensional”? Have you seen or heard of it in a movie, TV show or book before?

highlighted With walls not being what they once were, the home itself has become four-dimensional, with new ground plans to match its digital environment.

ME How do you understand this sentence? What do you think the author means by this? How is a person’s home different now that it is ‘four-dimensional”? Can you give an example of what makes it different? Is your home different than an older one you visited? Your grandparents’ home, for example?


My questions were intended to achieve an active connection with the text. I wanted the students to think about the particular sentence and stimulate previous thinking on the idea and to spark any connections they may have had with the ideas. I also wanted them to connect the ideas to their present situation or connect it to their own homes or lives. I hoped to have them engage a bit more by asking those questions.