Workshops summary.

It is an interesting requirement to attend the workshops outside class hours and I in particular have not encountered this type of an assignment at all during my undergraduate years. I understand that In this ever shifting job market and the skill set in need of a constant update workshops were breath of fresh year and gave me the chance to experiment and explore. Experimentation and exploration to new ideas are a hallmark of digital humanities. I want to preface that I am trained in Computer Science mostly but history has always been my favorite subject and a passion of mine. The above served as a guidance in which types of workshops that I chose to pursue.

I have attended the Python workshop on October 30, 2022 on Friday and it was interesting because Python as a code is different from Java another popular code writing program. I was mostly trained in Java and Python was new for me. Even though Java and Python share many similarities they do differ in how each executes the programs. I like the simplicity and cleanliness of Python and it is no wonder that it gaining more track within the dev community. I will look forward to taking classes in the future about Python programing language.

My wife is not a citizen yet of this country and I have been taking classes in our local library on how to process her claim to get the citizenship. I do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a lawyer if I can do it myself and besides it is a good civic lesson on how the person becomes a citizen because I myself do not remember it since my parents took care of everything when I was a teenager. The process of citizenship has become more digital and at times less access able for the people of older ages and especially for those who a digitally illiterate.

I am also will be taking Mapping classes on Dec 1, 2022 as I am completely new to mapping design and mapping software and I really want to explore that crucial aspect of digital humanities. I have been playing with Twine lately and I am surprised that there exists open source tools like that and it is my first semester and everything pretty much is new to me.