Social Annotation – Praxis

This week, the class provided the opportunity to see social annotation in action. Here is my effort toward social annotation.

social media by design is in the fourth dimension
How much to share

I want the student to focus on the rationale behind the existence of the fourth dimension in social media where we create our picture-perfect world to escape reality. The author mentioned in the text, nowadays, untweeted, uninstagrammed moments might feel somehow cubic perhaps trapped within the perfect four-sided wall box and just about to sneak out if and only if the walls are contorted. I want the students to justify the psychological motivation behind sharing each and every moment on social media. What is it like to be trapped in a fictitious self-made reality full of expectations? Contextualize and address the tension to figure out just the perfect balance.

Psychological Changes
Are we skipping reality?

The author mentioned you dabble in other realities, then you should not expect to remain unchanged. I want the student to figure out What’s the effect of the four dimensions that inherently change human psychology and what is its impact on the community and society?  Trapped within Doll House, how does it impact the ability to recognize real problems like climate change? Contextualize real-world problems and how can you utilize social media and the fourth dimension to bring positive change to the shipwrecked world.