Annotations to The Four-Dimensional Human

Annotation/ Discussion :

  • What are some other terms that are related to the “reverse peephole” concept described above? (e.g. digital surveillance)
  • How have/ will these “reverse peepholes” manifest under different social structures? (e.g. capitalism vs. Political paradigm) 
  • What are some key issues and concerns around these “reverse peepholes”? What are the pros and cons, and trade-offs of it?  
  • What conditions/forces enabled the expansion of this “reverse peephole” landscape, under the age of digital surveillance? Who/what was fueling it? Who is pushing back and how? 

[Bonus] Check out these books if you’ve enjoyed this reading:

  • Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow (written by Yuval Noah Harari) 
  • The Three-Body Problem (science fiction novel written by Liu Cixin) 


I have really enjoyed this reading as it is beautifully written and touched on some interesting ideas with a solid yet palatable perspective. Considering we only read a small part of the book, I did not feel 100% ready to annotate for this Praxis Assignment as I feared the rest of the book might go in other directions which would make the annotation confusing/irrelevant for the students in the other class.

However, keeping that thought aside, my immediate thoughts were books that this reading reminded me of. I added their titles in the bonus section because I didn’t think it’d be fair for all students to research/ read these not-so-short books. I do however want to share them as I find them relevant and interesting.

I ended up annotating around one key phrase (“reverse peephole”), as it really captured my attention during my reading. I offered some discussion questions for the students to engage with this particular idea in the text.