Week 1: To what extent do these sites/projects reflect issues discussed in our readings?

Sitesissues discussed in our readings reflectedHow would DH be defined in these projects?
Torn Apart / Separados– Intersectionality  
– Political commitment (against state-authorized violence) 
– MEALS framework 
– Peer review process 
“DH leverages digital tools (such as data and mapping) to advocate for social justice.” 
The Early Caribbean Digital Archive – The Digital Black Atlantic 
– “Memory and re-memory” 
– Library collection development 
– The reproduction of lost texts but also in the remaking of the history of Black textuality itself 
– Models of cataloging archives 
– Community archives  
– Pedagogy 
“DH cultivates collective cultural memory and re-memory by developing a library collection of early Caribbean texts, maps, and images archives.” 
Colored Conventions Project – (Everything listed under “The Early Caribbean Digital Archive”) 
– Intersectionality   
– Institutional concentration in well-funded research universities. 
“DH uses inclusive partnerships to locate, transcribe, and archive the documentary record related to this nearly forgotten history and to enable learnings” 
Reviews in Digital Humanities – Peer review process 
– “Who’s In and Who’s Out.” 
– Digital humanities community 
– Academic publishing vs. digital projects vs. Pedagogical  
“DHs are tool-building projects that facilitate the scholarly evaluation of digital humanities work and its outputs.”