Digital Humanities big tent.

It seems that digital humanities is experiencing sort of a zenith in its ability to coagulate different disciplines and change the academic environment in the university setting. We should look at the elasticity of the term as an advantage not as a disadvantage as many would claim. “Understanding digital humanities as an expanded field can help ensure that the specificity of these methods and their own rich histories can be brought to bear on DH, and vice versa.” The comment speaks of the evolution of the field to an expanded as more technological progress allows to greater expand its elasticity and possibilities of research that it brings. The volume and connectivity is ever more important and digital tools shape humanities part of the digital humanities so called big tent as defined by Knauss. Elasticity of the field allows it to research underserved communities that were neglected either by design or because there was no academic progress so speak for its researchers as it allows it to connect with different disciplines under one banner. Different communities can have a voice through the tools of digital humanities but we must not forget the needs of those said communities and ethics of research surrounding that. Digital humanities should be looked as a tool, a valuable tool in a researchers kit for more nuanced understanding within the humanities discipline.