Blog 2 | “Technology of Recovery”

Based on what I have seen on social media, people seem to be on journeys of healing trauma. I think we are in a beautiful moment in history, where people are starting to acknowledge their traumas (childhood, ancestral, relationships, etc.) and take steps to heal and recover. They are taking steps to reclaim their story. People are more open to expressing their mental health. Before social media, people would use a physical journal and pen to write about their daily struggles and keep these journals private. I am sure people still do this (I do); however, that journal (in a sense) has become digital through social media, and it is live and interactive since other people can read, comment, and react to it through an emoji. These journal entries have become social media posts.

In the same way, people are using these platforms to bring about healing to our society, community, and environment through technology by using social media, digital archives, podcasts, blogs, online courses, events, etc. Crimes, Injustices, and issues that were once “hidden under the rug” or ignored are coming to light. Through their healing journeys, people make an impact and create change in our communities and legal systems by being brave and sharing their stories about sexual harassment or discrimination committed against them. The camera on the phone has become a weapon to combat police brutality and call out the “Karens” in our communities.

Young people were often ignored before social media was a “thing.” However, I believe Millennials, especially Gen X, have used social media to advocate and bring awareness to human rights, animal rights, and environmental rights and promote education for all.

I think we have much more to improve technology to support humanity and teach consumers about technology to use it effectively in their daily lives. However, I believe technology should not control us but support our efforts to improve our society, world, and universe.

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First Gen | Student Parent | Digital Humanities & Pedagogy Graduate Student | Higher Education Professional Talks about #graphicdesign, #peermentorship, #studentsuccess, #digitallearning, and #professionaldevelopment Estefany Marlen Gonzaga is the Program Coordinator for LaGuardia’s Student Success Mentor (SSM) Program. In this role, she recruits, trains, and guides student leaders who mentor and support new-to-college students in the discipline-specific First-Year Seminar Studio Hour Lab. Having been a mentee and mentor herself, Estefany understands the value and impact of peer mentorship and leverages these experiences in her work with SSMs. Throughout her ten years in CUNY, she has listened to the reasons New Majority students go to college and captured their stories in the video “I am going to college because…” referenced in Cathy N. Davidson’s book The New Education. Estefany holds an Associate of Science in Business Administration from LaGuardia Community College and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication (specialization in Graphic Communication) from Baruch College. In the Fall of 2022, she will continue her studies at the CUNY Graduate Center to pursue a Master of Arts in Digital Humanities, Digital Pedagogy.

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  1. JP

    A great observation you made. I think what you are saying is true. This generation is ‘born digital’ and have the benefit of having an elder person -sister, brother, parent, etc.- giving them a heads up about ‘too much’ engagement, which that person learned from experience by getting ensnarled with some platform and noticing how time consuming or some negative element. Yes, many feel free to share and bring out into the sunlight those hurts that would have been unspoken before. A nice insight.

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