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DH as Flowing Water

As I was reading the different readings assigned to us this week, my brain was trying to make sense of the different meanings, ideas, and perspectives of Digital Humanities. I was thinking about it must be exciting that  this field is new and how everyone is trying to come up with a definition.  It seems like collectively, scholars are trying to put it in a box with instructions on how to handle it (not exciting). 

From the first reading, The Digital Humanities Moment (2012 – until A DH that Matter (2019) – there seems to be a massive change in definition and approach. However, we all know that as of today, September 2022 – that definition is only more complex as we just underwent a substantial transformative change in our society due to the pandemic, especially in related to technology and humankind.

As I looked through the different websites, my mind shut off its analytical functions, and then I started to get emotional looking through visual projects of DH. The Early Caribbean Digital Archive & Colored Conventions Project DH projects serve to preserve history (good and bad) and educate students. The Torn Apart / Separados informs the public of our inhumane and corrupt politics that hurt our vulnerable friends, family, classmates, students, and friends. However, it can also be a tool for advocacy and promoting changes for people who want to support immigrant rights. 

Based on the readings and sites, it seems there would never be a defined definition or approach to Digital Humanities since humanity and technology are ever-changing. Instead, I think Digital Humanities can support the relationship between technology and human being. DH should not be in a box but flow like moving water.

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